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Selecting the Right Art for your Workspace
Art in the Workplace Series:

Last time we emphasised the workplace benefits of art. In this article we will suggest how to select the right art for you, your office or workplace, and how we can help you to manage & refresh the work to reflect your needs and objectives.

Choosing art for the workplace is a little different to selecting pieces for your own home. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art is a very personal choice, but how does one go about choosing art for a company, team or department. You are no longer pleasing only yourself, but trying to please others, so its best to avoid highly controversial art or pieces that will offend others – but that doesn't mean it has to be boring either.

What you choose may reflect your organisation or the kind of business you’re in. A media agency, or software development house may wish to display different art to that of an accountant or lawyer...or perhaps not? Either way, its important that the art you choose says the right thing about your company. Think about what message you wish to convey? Do you want to highlight your  creativity, or individualism or stress reliability, safety, or the company’s background or history. There are no right answers, but every picture tells a story – so think about what story you want to tell.

Consider the cultural and historic environment of your location, building, employees, company when choosing art. Do you want to reflect that or make a statement about it? Perhaps you want to choose art that also has functional value, for example, in your reception area or foyer which will be the face of your company to visiting clients. As well as making a good impression, you will want your guests to feel welcome & relaxed.

Try to select pieces of art that work with your overall interior design. However, that does not mean that everything needs to match – this can be predictable and boring and often juxtaposing modern and traditional can be highly effective.

Abstract art is highly decorative and has the benefit of being perceived in many ways and is therefore often selected by interior designers when presenting home, or office designs, as it offers a broad appeal to most eyes, and can easily be matched to colour schemes.  Equally, landscapes and cityscapes are exceedingly popular choices in corporate environments.

Another concept to consider is themes. Selections of complementary pieces of art that are either part of an overall greater body of work or presented as a set are an excellent way of harmonising the interior. Suites of meeting rooms can be themed around a central idea or floors or departments can be differentiated to form part of a master scheme.

Finally, the art can be refreshed and renewed to change in step with the changing needs of the company. The art can be re-hung and rotated, refreshed and renewed, increased or decreased in number as the space required will alter with the evolution of the company. The need to be reactive to ever-changing needs has never so apparent than under the current Covid-19 conditions, so wouldn’t it be helpful if you could call upon a flexible arrangement with the art. If you can reduce the number of desks and increase the number of partitions, cubicles or offices, then why shouldn’t you be able to change the décor as well?  We have already discussed, in previous articles, the power of art to motivate, stimulate and please us as human beings – and in these uncertain times it has probably never been more important to consider the effect of our working environment on our state of mind.

United Art can help with all of the above, providing art under lease, delivered to your door, hung to your requirements and insured for your peace of mind. As part of our service we can also agree to refresh the work for you on an annual basis, effectively curating the art in your workspace, so you don’t have to. Our service makes it easy to choose the right work, from a range of thousands of pieces of contemporary art by hundreds of artists.

Looking for art for to brighten up your workplace?
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